Mr Ranjit Kumar Bharati

Knowledge is power . Information is liberating . Education is the premise of progress, in every society , in every family. Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school. So the teachers must help students in developing a passion for learning if it is done they will never cease to the grow.
Children are gifts to us given by God. They come in different wrappers some come in beautiful and attractive wrappers ,while some other come in ordinary . Some children are loosely wrapped while other tightly. We , at G.B .Public Sr.Sec.School,Tilpat, value every child as a priceless gift from God wrapped in different and variety of wrappers . Here gifts are representing the children . Some gifts (children) are very easy to open up , while others need to be helped out of their boxes. I think , the reason is perhaps they are afraid or shy due to the environment in which they are living or wrapped . So I would like to appeal to the educators and for matters need to be skilled to open the various and diverse kinds of gifts that God has placed in our hands.

Parents make excuses saying ‘it’s the responsibility of the school ‘ to make the students valuable as they are paying fee. The teacher makes excuses saying ‘it is the parents who spoil the child’ by not taking care and guiding their children properly. In fact ,it is very necessary for both to accept responsibility to show a willingness to share the burden of educating the children . Let us therefore together make things happen for the better ,for our precious children . We are duty bound to provide quality and extraordinary education for our simple and ordinary parents. It would be only possible when we co-operate each other respectfully as our ultimate aim is to give the bright shape and future to the children . It has rightly been said “Education is the passport to the future". Tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today and change is the end result of all true learning.


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